I am desperately seeking the full version of this video:

If you got it, please get in touch!  Thanks to YouTube user yoosernem for posting it (he doesn’t have anything more, unfortunately.)

Hey Hey.

This is a rudimentary web site for Naked Raygun, a punk rock group from Chicago.  The band formed in 1980, broke up in 1992, and reformed in 2006.

I started this site because the only other Raygun fan page hasn’t been updated in over a decade, no kidding.  If you’re here I assume you have some idea of who Raygun are and why people care about a band that’s been around, in one form or another, for almost 30 years.  The band history from the Chicago Punk wiki covers the story pretty well.  You should also check out the discography at the frozen-in-time petdance.com site and the official site.  And if you haven’t seen “You Weren’t There” yet, stop wasting your time here and go buy the DVD.

Eventually this site will have photos, flyers, memories, and a list of live recordings.  For now, here’s a gig list.  It ain’t no thirdav, but it’s coming along.  Also, some live photos from across the web and a list of the band lineups.

If you want to contribute anything, get in touch.